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OCD+ Full Medal Walkthrough/Tutorial/Guide/FAQ

2009-06-21 23:15:19 by SodomyKingz

Welcome to the Full OCD+ Medal Tutorial. By using the easy methods in this tutorial you should be able to get every single medal in the game within 1-2 hours.


Medal 1: "K." | Game: "K"

Hard: Hold the "K" Key for an hour. When the time is up, you have 3 seconds to release K to get the medal.

Easy: Get Cheat Engine, and use it's Speedhack feature to speed up the process, but be sure to release on time when the timer goes out or you'll have to do it all over again. This should take about 30 seconds with Cheat Engine enabled.



Medal 2: "SHOW CONTESTANT" | Game: "Big O"

Hard: Click the large button 10,000 times. When you finish, click the text underneath it that appears to receive your medal, be careful not to click the button even one more time after 10,000 clicks or you have to do it all over again.

Easy: Get Auto Clicker v2.1 by Shocker, and set it to "10000", and 1 ms intervals. Start it and it will count down from 3, go back to the game and get ready, hover your cursor it over the button and it will take only minutes to finish. Another way to achieve this medal without downloading Auto Clicker is to press tab and then hold enter until you've clicked the button 10,000 times.

Link: r.html


Medal 3: "WAR HERO" | Game: "SHUT"

Hard: Wait 14 hours until you're rescued. After a 14 hour wait, you'll be asked to hang in there and wait 1 more hour because the creator of the game is a heartless bastard. After 15 hours total, you'll be awarded with the medal. You will gain the medal automatically and effortlessly after the 15 hours.

Easy: Get Cheat Engine, set speedhack to no higher than 500, and wait 15 minutes.



Medal 4: "HUMAN TEST SUBJECT" | Game: "208"

Hard: Wait 208 minutes and then type the following into the computer: "04 18 40 39 2". You have 4 minutes to type this before the computer disappears and the game resets itself. You must do this 21 times until you get the medal.

Easy: Use Cheat Engine to speed up the 208 minutes each time until just before the computer screen appears. Type in the code, and repeat 21 times.



Medal 5: "THE PIANIST" | Game: "The Pianist"

Hard: Type the exact same thing that is slowly typed above, and it has to be perfect.

Easy: Copy and Paste the exact same thing into the textbox from here: and press the button.


Secret Medal (Medal 6): "JOHN LOCKE" | Game: "208"

Hard: Wait 208 minutes and then type the following into the computer: "4 8 15 16 23 42". You have 4 minutes to type this before the computer disappears and the game resets itself.

Easy: Get Cheat Engine, and during "208" use speedhack to speed up the countdown and then type the following into the computer: "4 8 15 16 23 42". This should take less then a minute.


Thus concludes the Walkthrough, have fun with your new medals.

OCD+ Full Medal Walkthrough/Tutorial/Guide/FAQ


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2009-06-24 00:16:13

Great! I already got the medals using a program called Speed Gear. I've got Cheat Engine, I think, but I don't know how to use it. Anyway, thanks for the code for the secret medal; is that a reference to a movie or something?


2009-06-25 02:26:02



2009-06-30 11:46:24

At least the four I got are legit!


2009-07-07 01:40:40

Haha, honestly.

Anyone that gets these things legit needs to get out a bit more ;)

Thank you VERY much for medal help by the way. Another tip for show contestant is just Alt+Space+Heavy object ;P


2009-07-07 21:05:36

NOBODY got "The Pianist" without copy/pasting. Even if you were replaying it over and over and typing it into Notepad to copy/paste later, there's no way you typed it exactly as it appeared, CRC07.


2009-07-09 12:47:32

To DudeGoofyGuy:
I did, fag, on my first try. Don't blame others for your shitty typing ability.


2009-07-11 14:57:57

Practice makes perfect.
With wireless, you can do anything.

For pianist, I did cheat, I meant John Locke, but it wasn't registered. I haven't bothered doing it again. Still no reason to be an @$$hole.
I got 10k clicks on King of Buttons.
K: Wireless mouse & Keyboard, unplugged mouse and watched a movie while holding K.
Shut: Left IE on all day, played around on Chrome for rest of day.

'Sides, I don't see any medals on your page.


2009-07-21 19:01:12

wow! youre the best, dude, the best!


2010-01-19 20:01:44

What kinda noob uses Cheat Engine on a game like this? There are much, much easier ways. Besides that, I'm surprised that these cheaters never get their medals deleted, 'cause it happened to me for mere suspicions of me cheating, when I have always gotten all of mine the right way. Walkthroughs are one thing, but this is just dishonorable. And what is a medal worth without having actually achieved it?

Of course, someone like you wouldn't understand, and I expect you to leave me a lame comeback.

To all of those who actually work hard for their medals, keep at it!


2010-01-19 20:04:35


Ooh, looks like you got caught after all. You ain't got any medals left. I guess PsychoGoldfish HAS been hard at work. lol


2010-05-18 14:57:50



2011-04-25 19:23:16

I know how to get all of them except 'K' wiuthout hacks.


2012-01-29 10:19:47

Thanks for the tips I actually did the K game the old fashioned way the tape around my controller but didnt peel off the tape in time. God I was pissed!


2014-12-29 12:26:09

ShinkeiUsagi you're an idiot. If you think anyone wants to spend tha much time and pain on something as artifical as an online medal, you need to go outside and breathe in the fresh air. You're not superior to everyone because you did it "legit". Don't pretend like you actually succeeded getting all the medals. At least without cheating. Even if it meant using a rock on the 'k' button. Dumbass.